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Scot Ellis & Kiwi at their Fluid Ski & Sports training centre

Scot Ellis & Kiwi at their Fluid Ski & Sports training centre

All sports have their risks – and ours is one of the safest. Freak accidents do occur and we rarely even hear of them. However, World Cup Star and outstanding Professional Waterskier Kyle Eade NZL was not so lucky when he crashed during Jump practice just before the Moomba Masters three months ago. We have just received news of a special ONLINE AUCTION for all who would like to help with the enormous financial challenges facing Kyle as he fights for a full recovery from his Hospital bed. Check out the huge range of great products on the Auction site. For this and an update on Kiwi’s  situation, here are the details and we hope you can help ………

One of waterskiing’s top men’s jumper, Kyle “Kiwi” Eade, took a bad crash while waterski jumping in February in New Zealand. Kyle is from New Zealand but now resides in Clermont, Florida. Each year Kiwi, his wife Karyn and two sons, Jaeden (2) and Damien (1), travel to NZ during the month of February to visit family, coach and train for the first pro waterski event of the year which takes place in Australia. Kyle was taking a practice jump and went out the back. It seemed like a typical crash, but this time he landed on the back of his neck and almost immediately lost feeling in his arms and legs. Luckily the crew that Kiwi was skiing with immobilized him and called for help. He was airlifted to the local hospital and diagnosed with a broken C4 and C5 vertebrae along with severe swelling and trauma to the spinal chord. With this type of injury, there is no pre-determined diagnosis for recovery. Kyle spent 8 weeks completely immobilized in one of New Zealand’s top spinal facilities, the Burwood Spinal Center. After the 8 weeks, Kyle started rehabilitation.  Needless to say, Kyle has an extremely long road ahead of him. Kyle is one of the strongest individuals both physically and mentally that the water-sports industry knows. He is also one of the nicest and most giving guys you will ever meet. We know he would be one of the first people to step up to help in a situation like this. Kyle has been giving his whole life to the sport of waterskiing: he has been the coach, the judge, the driver, the tournament organizer, the best skier of the day, and everything in between. He has been the best dad, the best husband, and the best friend all at the same time. In support of Kyle Eade and his recovery, the waterski and wakeboard community has created an online auction. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Kyle Eade. The auction has incredible products and trips including the all new 2011 Ski Nautique 200 made to order! You can purchase the world’s best waterski and wakeboards, bid on the most reputable ski school packages, pay to spend a day with the likes of Freddy Krueger, Chris Parrish, Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski and more! We have Zero Off, a photo day with Joey Meddock, vests, ropes, handles and you can even become the proud owner of Andy Mapple’s 1 @43 off world record ski. For all of this and more, please log on to www.kyleeade.com. We appreciate your support of the online auction. We hope that you will remember that it is our ultimate goal to raise as much money for Kiwi as possible so please bid high and bid often. Thank you for participating. Now log on to www.kyleeade.com and good luck.