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Knowing when to exit from the professional level of a sport is never easy. Truly great athletes have a happy knack of being smart both on and off the water. That is why, to some extent, the dramatic word which has just come from Sarah Gatty Saunt Green is both a shock and also not really a surprise. Yes, Sarah has made the big decision to bring her outstanding professional Waterski career to an end.

Over the past weeks, Sarah has had many sleepless nights wondering if this was the correct time to call it a  day. In fact, her timing seems perfect. When she and husband Ryan brought young Fletcher into the world, a lot changed. “My love for the sport has not died one bit and I am currently still skiing every day. Its just that motivation to win has gone “

Sarah in World Cup Action

Sarah in World Cup Action

Sarah found the 2008 season tough. Entering the gruelling Waterski calendar, having delivered baby Fletcher and also having achieved Elite Slalom Rank No.1 position, her expectations for herself were as high as ever. With huge encouragement from Ryan, Sarah struggled – and this was not something a winner likes. You can only imagine her joy in then taking the 2008 EAME Slalom title just a few months later. She had achieved the impossible – once again. She had also proven to herself that she could still win even if her old strength had not yet fully returned. ” I will now have the pleasure of watching Ry on the water at Tournaments in between chasing Fletcher and the relief of never having that terrible knot in my stomach the night before a Tournament “

Proud Moment for Mum and Dad - Masters Champion Sarah

Proud Moment for Mum and Dad with Masters Champion Sarah

For those of us who have watched the talent of Sarah Green over the years, there are so many highlights to remember. Mum and Dad have also been two of the most loyal and enthusiastic supporters – usually finding the best viewing spots on the waters of the world ! The list of Sarah’s major achievements is outstanding – eight time British National Slalom Champion, National Slalom Record Holder, Moomba Masters Slalom, Trick and Overall Champion. US Masters Slalom Champion in both 2006 and 2007 – and of course 2008 EAME Slalom Champion just a few months ago. In fact, Sarah was rarely off the Podium at major events. Since 2005 alone, she took 14 Podium places at major Tournaments and four World Cup Podium places against the very best in the World. Her talent in Overall gave her a huge advantage – plus three chances to be in the money ! It must be difficult for Sarah to pick any of her great triumphs as the best – but we guess it may have been those Master’s wins at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, standing beside Andy Mapple and Will Asher. This happy shot of Mum and Dad sharing the joy at the Masters Pavillion at Robin Lake says it all.

Sarah and Ryan enjoying Moomba

Sarah and Ryan enjoying Moomba

For some, a decision to retire from professional competition might mean a disappearance over the horizon. This is unlikely to be the case for Sarah. She and husband Ryan run a very successful Waterski School just outside Perth in Western Australia. If you are ever in that beautiful part of the world, head for Bonneys and say Hi to Sarah, Ryan and young Fletcher. We all wish Sarah every happiness with this next phase of her life and thank her for all those great moments which she gave us on the water over the years. Moomba 2008 will not be the same without her. What a career !

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