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Freddy Krueger MANDURAH

It has been an extraordinary Friday and Saturday here in Mandurah, Western Australia. Following a very impressive Press Conference with live TV cover and a wonderful Opening Ceremony featuring the Traditional Owners, athletes from 21 countries battled for Finals places. The Riders still have a phase to complete tomorrow morning, Sunday. For the Jumpers is was a different matter !

A tropical cyclone hit the coast north of Perth on Friday. This impacted the Waterski Jump conditions. The courage of eight women was tested but they impressed all with some truly gutsy performances. Jacinta Carroll AUS continued her winning ways with 48.8m to come out on top. Next came Natallia Berdnikava BLR 46.6m, Jutta Menistrina FIN 46.1m, and June Fladborg Asher DEN 46.6. As the top four, they now go to the Sunday Finals.

On Friday 13th the 13 Men Mandurah World Cup Jumpers faced a huge task. You could feel the tension in the air right from the start. The entry list included the very best in the world. With only six Finals places, it was always to be a tough battle of wits, skill and courage. Number six off the dock, Scot Ellis USA, set the pace at the halfway mark with 55.2m. Choppy water at the base of the Ramp was an issue. This was followed by a succession of solid performances : Felipe Miranda CHI 58.5m, Rodrigo Miranda CHI 59.6m, Damien Sharman GBR 57.5m, Igor Morozov RUS 61.6m, Bojan Schipner 63.3m and Ryan Dodd CAN 64.0m. Damien Sharman with 57.5m was the one on the bubble as the last contestant, Freddy Krueger USA, took to the water. What followed stunned all present. His set was 54.2m, 55.1m and 52.0m ! In all, he was back on his heels. The World Champion and World Record holder did not make it to the 2015 Mandurah World Cup Finals ! No doubt Freddy Krueger will blow everybody away at another future event very soon. The 2015 Mandurah World Cup Final will not however see him on the Ramp on this occasion. Damien Sharman GBR took that last Finals place.