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The IWSF Tournament Council has approved World Cup star Karina Nowlan’s performance at Diablo Shores USA as an official tie of the Ladies World Slalom Record

Karina with the World Cup stars in Dubna Russia

Karina with the World Cup stars in Dubna Russia

Karina Nowlan AUS showed at Junior level that she had all the stuff of champions. Her World Cup performances have shown clearly that she is one to watch very closely in the years ahead. Here you can see her enjoying the Finalists MasterCraft spectator boat pass opportunity at the World Cup Stop in Dubna Russia last July – with the most talented Ladies World Cup Slalom stars of the 2008 season.

Karina’s score this Summer of 1 buoy on the very short 10.25m line tied with that of Kristi Overton‘s World Record which was set at Okeeheelee Park in Florida way back in 1996. For any World Record to last twelve years tells a lot about both the original achievement and the latest achievement. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH KRISTI AND KARINA.